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Welcome to the Bel Canto Chorus in Sudbury

Updated: Apr 29

I’m so pleased to be the new President of theBel Canto Chorus (BCC)! I joined the choir in September 2009, which seems like a very long time ago. By the start of the fall season in September 2010, I was serving on the BCC Executive Board as Secretary, and did so up until the end of September this year, when I was voted in as President at our Annual General Meeting.

Thanks to the dedicated leadership of past presidents, music directors, accompanists, and many other members of our Executive Board, the BCC is going strong and excited to chart a new musical course. We are thrilled to welcome our new Music Director Susan Urquhart, and our new Collaborative Pianist, Dr. Charlene Biggs, to the BCC family! We hope you enjoy our Christmas concerts, and look forward to welcoming you back this May for our spring concerts, which will feature Canadian songs we know and love (such as those by the legendary Gordon Lightfoot)!

The pleasure we all share making music is what makes being part of this group so rewarding and fun! New members are always welcome; please feel free to check us out on Facebook, or by visiting our website,! Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

Victoria Dominico

Victoria Dominico,

President, Bel Canto Chorus

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1 Comment

Exciting times ahead for the Bel Canto Chorus. I look forward to your next post. 🎼

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